Academic Galore: 100% results

At ST. Paul’s High School we feel proud to announce 100% results of our 10th standard students in first batch (2000-2001) – till date.

Interschool Allocads :

Our children participate in various inter school events from time to time and have made us proud.

Other Achievements:

Tree plantation programme was organized in the school campus. Students, teachers, principal, Chairman Sir participated enthusiastically.

We set an example that even a small step can bring a change.

School Exhibition :

St. Paul’s High school conducted Art and Science exhibition. It helped to bring out the hidden talent of students other than studies.

House System :

The feature of the school is the competition between the houses i.e. Red , Blue, Green and Yellow.

Annual Sports Meet :

St. Paul’s High School conducted the sports meet from Pre-school to class 10th . The glittering was conducted in glorified manner.

All form of physical sports competition for students and for teachers and parents.

Rallies on Environmental Awareness :

On 2nd October students of our school took out a rally to raise their voice in support of environment conservation with the message about the menace of environment degradation and suggested measures to reduce pollution.

Celebrating Festivals :

All Indian festivals are celebrated by our students with great zeal and interest, demonstrating a sense of togetherness.

Young Achievers

‘’success is not the position where you stand, But the direction in which you look’’

There are many ways that lead to success. The one everyone finds hard is the first step. Young achievers of St. Paul’s High School have proved themselves and have set a benchmark for the rest. As they look back they feel great sense of accomplishment and pride. Congratulations!! And we hope this is just the start of many more successes to come. May all our students soar high on the wings of success.

Dynamic Sports and performing Arts.

  • Aptitude based Competition. Our school regularly conducts aptitude based competition such as debate, quiz, elocution (Hindi, English, Marathi), drawing, storytelling, art, poetry writing etc. Our writers spin word webs, our painters get their hands dipped in paints, our singers sing melodious musical chart and our poets recite Shakespeare!
  • The present education curriculum demands excellence not only in Academics but also in Sports and Cultural activities. Under a well-designed plan St. Paul’s High School offers several opportunities that boost the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health of the students.

We, at St. Paul’s High School, encourage students to participate in sports activities not only for enjoyment and exercise but for building essential skills. Playing a sport shapes a child in a positive way instilling a sense of self-worth. Students get an opportunity to explore a variety of sports that they wish to pursue, both to excel in or as a hobby. Selecting from a wide range of activities below, we have already initiated.

  • Speech & Drama
  • Sketching & Painting
  • Yoga
  • Aerobics
  • Football
  • Cricket
  • Carom
  • Chess
  • Table-Tennis
  • Karate
  • Judo
  • Kickboxing
  • Lawn Tennis
  • Marshal art
  • DSO Sports Competition

Several other initiatives and activities are also underway. These activities are conducted by trained teachers and we hope to get a sustained growth and result at the end of the day.

Students Talents

The School magazine has played and continues to play a role in fostering new talent in writing for children. A school magazine is an integral part of the education system. It reflects the identity of the educational institutions through the writings of its students and teachers as well.

Young students have a lot of potential within them which needs a proper channelization and outlet. A schools magazine acts as a platform for these young potential ones to showcase their talent as writers and express themselves into a conglomeration. A school magazine channelizes the budding talented writers and helps in encouraging their writing skills by appraisal which inspires and motivates them to read and write much more. It also helps children to improve their reading and writing skills.

Magazines are produced annually and have a great educational value. A school magazine helps the students in improving the general knowledge and this also helps them in acquiring the habit of reading and writing. They also teach them the cooperation values and also encourage healthy competition among the students. It also strengthens their self confidence. Students are usually overwhelmed when they see their articles published in the school and college magazines and it gives them immense self-satisfaction. It helps in developing social values.

What does a magazine basically contain?

A school magazine is all about the annual celebrations and events held. The students are welcomed to add their articles on a particular topic and also many students write their poems and also some submit their art pieces. A whole informative content with lots of artistic pictures. Events like Independence day, Diwali Celebration, Christmas Celebration, the picnics, the farewells and the most important is the Annual Day Celebration. Apart from these, there are many events held like the tree plantation program and many other social cause events.

A school magazine is there to inform parents about the events of the school and what the students have been doing recently. It paves the way to educate parents on the on-going developments at school, foster closeness with the institution, and endure a feeling of safeguard.

Magazines are generally published annually. These magazines have a great educative value. They help in encouraging the students to think and write and thus help them in expanding their writing skills and talent. Magazines also help them in enhancing their ability to think and strengthen their imagination as well.

St. Paul’s High School adopts a new pedagogical approach based on the discovery, development, expansion and sharing of student’s talents within a safe, caring and student-centered environment.

Both our school and school campus are safe and welcoming to pupils. The wealth of possibilities for collaboration within the rich surrounding areas nurtures an ideal environment for the discovery and enlightenment of student’s talent. This philosophy has always been at the heart of our school program.

Our campus is a place of community life and learning in which students develop a sense of maturity, responsibility and independence. We believe in learning from each other – our diverse cultures, languages, experiences, beliefs, backgrounds and our perspectives – to expand our minds, foster creativity and lead in innovation. We inculcate respect and trust needed to understand ourselves and others.

Passion is the driver of the school’s love for learning and growing, whether in the classroom, on the playing fields, in outdoor activities or in our contribution to better our communities and future.