Welcome At St. Paul’s High School

We believe that the overall educational experience instils knowledge, creativity, discipline and values that students will carry with them for life.With each passing year, SPHS continues to build a strong academic tradition and take lead in offering our students, the tools and skills to connect and collaborate with the highly interconnected and rapidly changing world.

We pride ourselves on providing our learning community with well qualified & professional teachers and a compassionate non-teaching staff, who strive hard to make their best possible effort to inculcate strong values in our students with an amalgam of scholastic and non-scholastic activities.

Shaping the young impressionable minds is one of the biggest challenges. It is a shared commitment between dedicated teachers, motivated students and enthusiastic parents.

We appreciate our parents for all their co -operation and contribution towards our positive school culture, whether during real class or virtual class. We also acknowledge the faith and confidence that our parents have bestowed on us.This fosters our aspiration to serve the complete family of SPHS not just in time of joy & growth but also in times of challenges & struggle.

All the effort put in by team SPHS reflects in the various laurels that our students bring and the awards that have been conferred to our School during the course of time.

We are confident to grow stronger and will keep adding new leaves to the grandeur of our School.

Our Vision

St Paul’s High school opens a world of opportunity for students by providing superior education, preparing for university and a future that knows no borders. Our vision is to dedicate relevant, valued education in an ever changing world which empowers our children to demonstrate their skills which supports them to contribute to the global world. Each child to be committed to enriching the academic, personal and professional growth. Our children of tomorrow to have community awareness to promote support for issues related to environmental protection, energy, nature conservation and sustainability. Students will be strategically positioned to lead, influence, and contribute to their communities locally, nationally, and globally for the improvement of the human condition.


We are committed to assure learning experiences that will assist our students to achieve their greatest potential to adapt to diverse and ever changing society. We believe that education should take place in a fully inclusive environment with equal opportunities for all and all children should learn to value religious and cultural differences. We celebrate the pursuit of lifelong learning and are committed to nurturing high self-esteem and respect for others. Our team joins parents and community to assist the students in developing skills to become independent and self-sufficient adults who will succeed and contribute responsibly in global community.


St. Paul’s High School is managed by ‘Andrea Education Trust’, Mumbai a body registered under the ‘Public Trust Act’, 1950. The school opened its door in June 1998 from nursery to seventh standard. St Paul’s high school was established in total compliance with prevailing global education parameters. Our vision of achieving excellence in the domain of children’s education resulted in getting Government recognition till SSC . Our preprimary section has been entitled as ‘TODDLEDOM’ from 2003 onwards.






Class Rooms


Bus Schools


Mary Madam

Madam is an avid supporter who encourages us, teachers and students to do better. Madam is a guideline for our lifeline. She is a magician of moral values. Madam is an imprint of great intellectuals. Madam is kind and Considerate, Supportive and firm in her instructions. She is inspiring and encouraging. Madam builds up the teacher and the student’s confidence. She instills a lot of learning in her teachers and students. Madam is patient, caring not only to her staff and non-teaching staff but also to her students. Madam inspires us with her hard work and dedication.
Madam," Patiently you mentor & lead, Share wisdom & meeting each need, Support and advice willingly you supply, On you the staff & pupils rely."

Chairman Sir

Sir is a strong leader in the foundation of our School’s Success. Sir has shaped the conditions of the teachers and students to learn and succeed. Sir has never been hesitant in sharing his wisdom with teachers and students and has always been a source of inspiration and motivation. Sir is the mentor who shows us the right path and encourages us to reach great heights of success.

History of St. Paul’s High School

St. Paul’s High School is managed by ‘Andrea Education Trust’, Mumbai a body registered under the ‘Public Trust Act’, 1950.

The school opened its door in June 1998 from nursery to seventh standard. St Paul’s high school was established in total compliance with prevailing global education parameters. Our vision of achieving excellence in the domain of children’s education resulted in getting Government recognition till SSC . Our preprimary section has been entitled as ‘TODDLEDOM’ from 2003 onwards.

We are a purpose- drive school that aims to create a world leading paradigm of education in our community. Our school is committed to a student centered learning approach with the aim that each child is challenged according to their own individual uniqueness.

St. Paul’s High School has a wide range of policies to ensure fair, consistent, clear standards and practices well compliance with applicable laws and ethical norms in education.

Our staff is the driving force behind St. Paul’s High School experts in their field, they make sure every student get an optimal amount of instruction and attention, challenging them to excel in academics and co-curricular activities.

Our Core Values

Creative Thinking and Innovation
Effective Communication and Team Work
Problem solving and Life long learning.
Respect and Gender Equality
Global and Cultural Citizenship

Parents- Our Extended Faculty.

“Parenting isn’t a practice – it’s a daily learning experience”

Parents need to be aware of their role in bringing out the child’s talents, interests and education. They also need to understand their role of participating along with teachers to ensure the child’s wholesome development.

We believe that parents are very important stakeholders in the learners’ educational journey. To that effect, the school organizes periodic meetings between the parents, coordinators and teachers so that parents are able to guide the learners at home with their research and home assignments.

Events are integral to an academic programme. They are a celebration of talent and build confidence in the learners. Parents’ assistance and active participation in school events boosts the morale of the learners and makes the event more lively and complete.

Our learners will develop an ability to analyse and synthesise, to evaluate and interpret information, so that they can meaningfully apply it to a variety of problem-solving situations in real life.

Medical Attention

Our belief of ‘Safety above all and for all’ stands true as we provide a host of medical facilities and services for all our students. The school has a well-qualified nurse/doctor available on-call during school hours to provide first-aid facilities in the school. The medical room has all the required equipment to meet the basic medical needs of the students, in case an emergency arises. The school has first-aid trained staff available during school hours to provide first-aid facilities in the school.

Essential Facilities

Sanitary facilities, clean toilets, security guards, class room helpers, are some of the other essential provisions given for the child’s comfort and well-being.

The Computer laboratory with computer on 1:1 ratio for students enables to have technology integrated learning experiences for the students. The school is continuously monitored under CCTV surveillance.

We provide aquaguard drinking water facility on every floor.

There are separate washrooms for girls and boys on every floor, house keeping staff to attend to the same, as well as cleanliness on every floor.

Extracurricular activities facilitate the growth of a student outside of the classroom. It enables the student to be a part of a holistic learning experience rather than focusing just on academics. Extracurricular activities also help a student mature later-on in life as they help with college applications and scholarships. Being exposed to extracurricular like dance, music, and sports facilitates the mental and emotional growth of each student.

  • We understand a parent’s anxiety when it comes to safety of their child hence we pride ourselves in being a fully compliant school when it comes to safety
  • Campus is equipped with CCTV cameras
  • Every student present on campus or travelling in school authorized vehicles are insured
  • 24 hours medical facility
  • 24 hours security personnel’s
  • No child is left unattended
  • 24 hours certified nanny’s for students below Grade 4
  • sychometric test conducted for all staff members
  • Healthy teacher-student relationship

Child Safety Measures

Stringent measures and strict rules employed at our campus:
As a school, we believe that protecting the interests of our children is non-negotiable. We take every possible measure to ensure that our students have access to a learning environment that is safe, secure and enjoyable.

Here are some of the security measures that are in place at our campus:

  • Our campus is designed and constructed with the conscious thought of safety in mind. In addition to vantage points, staff rooms are strategically situated so that teachers may keep an eye on the corridors and student activity at all times.
  • Our campus has resident security. Once the school begins, gates are closed and entry and exit is completely restricted. A security guard is stationed at the school gate to register and monitor individuals who enter the campus.
  • Our campus and each floor is provided with tight CCTV surveillance that covers corridors.
  • Each of our classrooms are provided with 2 CCTV cameras for child safety.
  • On each floor, a female staff is positioned to maintain discipline on the floor.
  • There are separate male and female washrooms for students and teaching staff on each floor.

Transport policy

Our endeavor to provide the best possible transport service for our students. We place the safety and responsibility of the children as our highest priority. We have attached great importance to enhance the safety and security measures for children travelling in our own School Buses.

Here are some of the security measures that are in place at our campus:

  • All our bus staff have sufficient years of experience and are fully acquainted with the prescribed norms.
  • Each bus has a lady attendant who is responsible for ensuring discipline in the school bus.
  • Parents are requested to lend their support in ensuring safe travel of their wards and all children in the bus. Being on time at the pick-up and drop-off points would help keep the children safe and will ensure smooth functioning of the transport department.

  • The first-aid box is provided in each bus and at the time of emergency the doctor is consulted.
  • We understand a parent’s anxiety when it comes to safety of their child hence we pride ourselves in being a fully compliant school when it come to safety
  • Campus is equipped with CCTV cameras
  • No child is left unattended at any given point of time.
  • Psychometric test conducted for all staff members
  • Healthy teacher-student relationship
  • We are committed to provide a safe environment for all our students.
  • Actively works to listen to and empower children
  • Has systems to protect children from abuse, and will take all allegations and concerns very seriously and responds to them consistently in line with the organization’s policies and procedures.
  • Is committed to promoting physical, emotional and cultural safety for all children.


  • One of the most important aspect of our approach would be communication – A very important tool towards learning and understanding right from a child’s formative years.
  • Our Faculty in their role as teachers and researchers, inspire and mentor the students.
  • It helps students become confident, responsible, reflective, innovative and engaged.
  • We ensure students are ready to tackle the demands of tomorrow’s world, capable of shaping a better world for the future
  • They will learn to work independently, and to collaborate with one another to bring a project to a successful outcome.
  • They’ll be encouraged to develop an international outlook, and become confident, global citizens.
  • The basis of the guidance is in the hands of the mentor. The mentor is the first point of contact for each student and his parent (s) / caregiver (s). He has an eye for the individual student as well as for the group process
  • Keeping in touch and identifying local and regional developments and translating these into the educational situation; encouraging parental involvement in educational and pupil matters
  • We have trained and well equipped staff to help children understand their strengths and areas of interest.
  • Our counselling cell is a comfort home for everyone at school.


To help students succeed outside of their current abilities. Provide careful scaffolding during learning to help them learn more efficiently.


Elementary is marked by the formation of attitudes about school, self, peers, social groups and family. Teachers help students develop decision-making, communication, life training skills, character values as well as feelings of dignity and self-worth.

Middle School

Early adolescence is exciting, yet a challenging time for students. Through the middle school years, children experience rapid physical and psychological changes, characterized by a search for their own unique identity, need to explore a variety of interests, heavy reliance on friends and peers for comfort and understanding. Teachers help students make these important transitions by meeting them personally or on the 4th Saturday meet with parents. Also guidance is provided on the open house days to students.

High School

This is the stage when students decide who they are, what they do well and what they will do when they pass High School. They are searching for a place to belong and need guidance in making concrete decisions during these crucial years. Our teachers help them evaluate their strengths, skills and abilities, define their independence and plan for their future.

Our Team

Teaching Faculty:

  • One of the famous quotes by a renowned writer Lon Watters is “School is a building, which has four walls with tomorrow inside." AND The teachers are the soul of any educational institution.
  • At St. Paul’s High School, we have taken care to appoint qualified teachers with appropriate exposure to syllabus. There is regular interaction between teachers and parents to update them of their ward’s progress.
  • The entire faculty at St. Paul’s High School has gone through varied and extensive training workshops at regular intervals to ensure that they complement the demands of the curriculum, always..
  • Moreover, a constant review of educational practices within the school ensures that the faculty is always in tune with the high ideals of its vision and mission…

Pre - Primary Section

The pre – primary teachers here intends to fill the early years of young children with fun, laughter, friendship and discovery in addition to moulding their whole personality..

Primary Section

The teachers here in primary section play a happy mix of academic, physical, social, cultural and community building activities..

Secondary section

The teachers here follow a student centered programme. The secondary teachers aim is to provide enriching experiences to each student by planning curricular as well as co – curricular activities at various levels of learning. This ensures an all round development of students..

Improvement is a never ending process. Strong desire and will to improve makes us alert, open and prepare to welcome new challenges, explore new possibilities and unite for common success and excellence…This is possible here in St. Paul’s High School, with the hard work devoted by our faculty teachers and staff under the guidance of our visionary management..